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Yer So Vain

Green with Envy

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Hello and welcome to yer_so_vain

The maintainers are silentmelody, eccentric4you

This community is about whether you think you have what it takes for other people to want to be you. Yes that's right. If you're so HOT that people turn their heads when they see you. That's right. This is not a top 2% community. You get judged on whether we would turn our heads when we see you, whether we'd favorably check you out, and whether we'd point you out to our friends.


You must get at least 6 YES before 4 NO to become a member

Yes/No votes are preferable, but if the user wants to have criticism that is okay. If something stands out about the user being rated that you want to say, that is okay as well.

All rejectees get a second chance to post pics once week after they posted their initial pictures.

good luck!

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